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          Small size and low cost


          The benefits of mass production for users are already apparent before the end of the assembly line. The whole control system designed with cartridge valves can greatly reduce the manufacturing time for users; each component of the control system can be tested independently before it is assembled into an integrated valve block; and the integrated block can be tested integrally before it is sent to users.


          As the number of components and connecting pipes that must be installed is greatly reduced, a lot of manufacturing time is saved for users. As the system pollutants are reduced, leakage points and assembly errors are reduced, the reliability is significantly improved. The application of cartridge valves achieves high efficiency and convenience of the system.

          以輪式裝載機為例,采用插裝閥集成塊來代替故障不斷、難以診斷和維修的動力傳動控制裝置.原有控制系統有60多個連接管件和19個獨立元件.用來替代的整體特制集成塊上只有11個管件和17個元件.體積為12 x 4 x 5立方英寸,是原系統所占空間的20%.采用插裝閥的特點如下:

          Taking wheel loader as an example, cartridge valve integrated block is used to replace the power transmission control device which is troublesome and difficult to diagnose and maintain. The original control system has more than 60 connecting pipes and 19 independent components. There are only 11 pipes and 17 components on the whole special integrated block to replace. The volume is 12 x 4 x 5 cubic inches, which is the original system. It occupies 20% of the space. The characteristics of cartridge valves are as follows:

          減少安裝時間 減少泄漏點 減少易污染源 減少維修時間(因為插裝閥無需取下管接頭配件即可更換)

          Reduce installation time, reduce leakage point, reduce pollution sources and reduce maintenance time (because cartridge valves can be replaced without removing fittings from pipe joints)http://www.lyrlxh.com